The Cummer Museum Engagement

Daniel and Amanda have a unique little love story. Like most people Covid has cause problems with their plans. While they were waiting to move in together the pandemic hit and Daniel was thrown into lock down like so many Sailors, he couldn't leave Jacksonville. Which meant going to visit Amanda, who was living in West Palm Beach, was near impossible. He managed to get out there and surprise her for her birthday in April and right then and there they decided to get married. They didn't want to live apart anymore than they already had to with him being in the Navy and going out to sea. They finally live together in Jacksonville and decided to do a little shoot together to showcase their love. At least that's what Amanda thought. We all met at the museum and made our way back to the gardens, Daniel and I had talked beforehand about how I would know he was about to show her the ring. Then we spotted it. I could already see the photo in my head. The fountain in the back framed by the hedge it was perfect. We did the secret hand signals and started posing. Then he got down on one knee and was finally able to show her THE RING. I'm so happy for these two and their great love story. In this crazy and unique time LOVE PREVAILS! And soon they will be adding an extra little bundle of love.

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