This is it! It's finally time!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Ah I'm finally doing it! I'm writing a blog!

I want to start out my first post by introducing myself!

My name is Sarah Beard and I am the owner of Cross Your Heart Studio. My husband Nathan is in the US Navy so we move around a lot, about every three years. So far we've been up and down the east coast and have settled for the time being in Jacksonville, Florida, where I'm happy to say my business has flourished!

I decided to start learning photography back in 2013 when I was living in Wisconsin and I absolutely loved it. I was able to earn my Certificate in Digital Photography but unfortunately was unable to complete the course and get my degree.

In April of 2014, I was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 24 and was told I would need a transplant. In July of that year, I started dialysis and my husband (then boyfriend), decided to join the Navy. He left for boot camp in November of that year, he graduated in January 2015 and on January 30th, I was able to get my transplant, thanks to the selfless donation of my sister.

Since 2017 I got back into dabbling in photography but really discovered my passion for maternity and newborn photography when I became pregnant with our daughter. I loved having a photoshoot while I was pregnant because I felt like I could finally see that glow I was supposed to have. I still love looking back at those photos and seeing the love between my husband and I, the joy we had knowing that we were so close to meeting our daughter, and okay, maybe I was a little excited to stop feeling like my daughter was about to burst her way out of me. I want to be able to capture and share those moments with my clients.

Those first few weeks with my daughter at home were stressful, scary and oh so precious so to have someone come to my home, and work on my schedule, and still give me great photos that I'll have on display for years to come meant the world to me.

And that's when it all clicked. I want to capture life's moments for all my clients. So for the last year that's what my focus has been and it's been great! Let's set up your shoot and capture these moments for you to cherish and share forever.

Alright, if you've stuck with me so far, thank you! Now I want to let you know a little something new I'm going to be doing over here. Cross Your Heart Studio will now be implementing a referral system. For every person you refer that books a session, they must use your name in the referral, you and the new client get $10 off your shoot. They get $10 off the shoot they just booked and you get $10 off your next shoot. $10 big whoop, right? Well, refer five people and you get $50 off your next shoot with me! I'll have a spreadsheet setup of all the referrals and how much money you have towards your shoot.

Now referral money cannot be combined with any sales that run or discounts given. It is capped at $50. When you do your shoot and spend that $50, you start over. Referral money cannot be exchanged for cash.

Photos of my maternity and newborn session by: Rikard Photography

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