Travis & Aline Elope in Norfolk

I met Aline through my brief stint with roller derby in 2017. It took literally no time before we were the closest of friends. So when she called to tell me she was getting married and would love if I would be able to come up and do the photos, I not only jumped at the opportunity but I think I said I'd be there before she even finished her sentence.

Travis and Aline have been together for almost 8 years when they finally decided to tie the knot. But like so many couples this year Covid has thrown a wrench into their plans. But nothing stops love. The very few of us that knew it was happening traveled from all over to be there to celebrate them. We all donned masks and went down to the courthouse where another wrench was thrown. No cameras, no phones, I couldn't even wear my watch. In the end it didn't matter. They got married in a hallway and we all sobbed anyway, even the officiant. They exchanged vows, rings and mashed their masks together until the officiant told them they could take them off for a second to kiss. Then we went and gathered all our things and headed to Pagoda to do some photos, another wrench, it was raining. But honestly we were all too happy and giddy to care, and we brought umbrellas. The love was palpable the hour we walked around taking photos, before eventually heading home for some celebratory champagne.

Aline's dress was handmade by her cousin Olivia Reinerston you can find her on instagram @bylivhandmade

Her and Amelia (her witness) nails were done by herself follow on instagram

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